Engineering Potentialities and Capabilities

The potentialities and capabilities of this company are briefly as follows:

Workshop for converting and assembling the engines, installing the gas storage tanks and other equipment required for CNG fuel conversion in heavy and light duty vehicles

Workshop for manufacturing, producing and machining the parts

Equipment for testing automobile performance on the road (chassis dynamometer)

Engine testing equipment for gasoline, diesel and CNG engines (engine dynamometer)

Capability of measuring the emissions in the exhaust gases of the engine

Capability of accessing the latest resources and information and the researches carried out in connection with the mentioned above activities

Hardware and software equipment including computers, fax machines, scanners, plotters and engineering softwar

Access to the following specialized educated manpower:

Solid and fluid mechanics

Electric and electronics

Precise instruments


Industrial engineering, planning and project control

Architectural and civil engineering with experience in industrial design

Manufacturing and production


Construction execution