Company Profile

Although the year 2004 is considered the beginning of the independent life of Noavaran Sanat Motor, the birth of this company must be sought after in its key members who have cooperated with one other in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) projects, such as converting the light and heavy duty vehicles to CNG, and installing and commissioning CNG refueling stations.

Drawing upon the talents and capabilities of its engineers and staff (most of whom hold key posts in NSM), this company has been established with the aim of promoting further synergy in execution of industrial projects and provision of engineering services, and has undertaken numerous valuable services to the gas industry of Iran.

Since 1992, the key personnel have been at the cutting edge in CNG projects and utilizing their knowledge in employing the newest machinery and equipment, have played an important role in fast successful accomplishment of the projects.

In the areas of engineering and installations, NSM possesses the ranking five of the Management and Planning Organization of Iran.

The personnel include: Five shareholders, twenty with B.S. and M.S. degree holders, thirty technicians (Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic) and official staff