NSM Company is providing consulting services in industrial projects especially in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) field since 2005. These services were in form of Management Contract (MC).

Because of our Important projects have been done successfully so our Clients have trust us to continue the projects by renewing our contract.

According to the experience of NSM Co since 2005 as consultant of National Iranian oil products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) in field of CNG refueling stations for managing and Monitoring on construction and equipping in CNG refueling stations.

So Knowledge and expertise of the NSM experts of CNG valid suppliers in Iran and out of Iran, Regarding to current situation of CNG Stations Across the country and Technical – economic studies in this subject, our team could offer different services to interested investors.

Some of our services included as below as:

  • Prepare business Plan for constructing of CNG refueling stations.
  • Consulting to Owner of CNG station for selecting and purchase of CNG equipment with best quality and price.
  • Location for construction of CNG station and consulting for optimal designing of CNG stations.
  • Consulting for use of free equipment and Conditions of increasing the capacity of the equipment.
  • Consulting for finding the good contractor with best CNG equipment for refueling station.
  • Consulting in field of CNG equipment maintenance for increasing the quality and decreasing the costs of operation.

Because of professional background our team in CNG industry we could gain permission for periodic inspection of CNG station from Iranian National Standards Organization.

According to this issue our team could inspect about 200 CNG refueling Station across IRAN.

Regarding to 20 years our main personal experience in field of CNG and having 12 years cooperation with National Iranian oil products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) as consultant in field of Construction of CNG refueling stations. Also our staff having academic teaching experience and according to our positive background we have succeeded to received permit from ISIRI( Institute of standards and industrial research of Iran) as a Colleague of this Organization for holding training courses in field of CNG, Standards, Quality management systems, Technical Engineering in field of Power, Electronic, car, Propulsion, Mechanic and Metallurgist.

Until now we have hold more than 4000 hours training course for many organizations and persons.